A.   Introduction

1.   Inflation Solves 3 classic problems

2.   The Reach of Inflation

B.   Science Motivation

1.   Inflation Cosmology

                                   a.     Inflation Physics

                                   b.     Cosmological Observables

i.      Quantum Fluctuations

ii.    Scaler and Tensor Perturbations

2.   Testing Inflation with the CMB

                                   a.     B-mode polarization

                                   b.     Spectrum

                                    c.     Non-gaussianity

                                   d.     Other probes

3.   Probing Fundamental Physics

4.   Connection to Structure

5.   Galactic Astrophysics

C.   CMBpol Experiments

1.   Current Status

                                   a.     Experimental History

                                   b.     Experiments

                                    c.     Technology

                                   d.     Limitations

2.   Space Mission

                                   a.     Observation Goals

                                   b.     Three Designs (LC, intermediate, Comprehensive)

                                    c.     Sensitivity and Systematics

                                   d.     Design Schedule

D.   Plan for the Decade

1.   Current Experiments

                                   a.     Maturing Technology

                                   b.     Analysis and data volume

                                    c.     Experiment maturity

2.   Detector and Technology Development

3.   New Experiments

4.   Start for Space Mission